Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November is Beard Month

Did you know that there is a National Beard Club? And did you know that November is Inter- national Beard Month? I have known about this since I was in college.

This is the Beard Club belief….

The November Beard Club is a group of men who firmly believe that because men have the natural ability to grow beards, they should. At least for a month. And the chosen month is November, due to it's chilly climate and the fact men seem to have a natural inclination to grow facial hair around this time every year.

Do any of you know my husband?

Do any of you know he completes me? For Real – not just movie-quote pretend.

Do any of you know he can make people laugh?

Do any of you know that he is up for just about any challenge?

Do any of you know that he has celebrated, with lots of men, November Beard Month for at least 7 years?

Well, now you do. That’s right, for the month of November, Chris does not shave. It is funny for some reason. It just makes me laugh. He is SO cute.

I will post some pictures as the month goes on.

This one is from November 1st!

I will keep you posted.


JoniDH said...

Yes, I know your husband.
Yes, I know he completes you.
Yes, I know he LOVES a challenge.
Yes, I know about his November beard!

Does he know we love him EVEN with that scratchy beard??

Wendy said...
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Wendy said...

Yes, I know all those things about Chris, except the beard month!!!
Can't wait to see the pictures of progress.
Thanks for making me laugh Chris!!!
And I have not worried about what size pants you wear since you told me not too. LOL

Betty said...

Oh, yes
Oh, yes again
Have had several conversations about this over the years, but did not know it's been seven years.
Yes, he is SO cute! But I am related, so of course I would agree.

Looking forward to the updates. Know the first few days will be tough with the scratchy fact.
Love to all!

Wendy said...

Lanell said her dad told her husband to wash the beard with warm soapy water the first couple of days to prevent the "itchys"

Grandmom said...

Since you already know my opinion I'll just say "I like the men in my life to be clean shaven." So maybe November will pass in a hurry. :)Love you, Grandmom