Monday, July 19, 2010

Hannah's Haircut

Yes, Hannah got a hair cut (trim) too. She was a big girl and actually leaned back and got her hair washed and everything. She did a great job!AND because she was a big girl, as promised, she got her fingernails painted! She was so excited.
Funny Side Note: I wanted to see the name of the color she chose and I was hoping it was something so cute (like bubblegum or pink jello) that I could tell her and she could tell others, however, to my disappointment, she chose the color "Feelin' Hot! Hot! Hot!" Couldn't brag about that "cute" color! :-)


Betty said...

How much fun was that! Can see the excitement in Hannah's smiles. Love your pretty nails Hannah!

JoniDH said...

Couldn't tell she liked getting her fingernails done! Hannah, you are such a CUTIE!

Carrie Mc said...

Aren't they so cute about having their nails painted. Such girly, girls!

Wendy said...

Hannah!!! I want to go next time you get your nails done!!! I love when I go get my nails painted!!!
Love the color!!!

Love you