Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our Sunday Pictures

Hannah loved her hand-me-down dress today (Thank You Perry) and wanted to be sure everyone saw the BIG flower on it. Hence, the cutsie pose. She is a trip.
We tried to get pictures of me and Chris and...
...well, you decide for yourself.

Chris took this one.
(Why are both of our heads facing up? Were we trying to get a picture of our necks?)Hannah took this oneAnd I took this one
I think it was just not meant to be today.


Betty said...

GREAT pictures of Hannah and Justus - enjoyed looking at pieces/parts of Mommy and Daddy, too, especially the picture of your necks! Hannah and Justus look like models with their blue eyes and great tans.

Wendy said...

Hannah!!! That is a BEAUTIFUL dress and it looks so growny!!!
And have I told you that BLUE is your color!!!
Justus!!! Once have one my heart. Love, love, love, the Sunday Pics...
Oh and mom and dad look nice too..


Wendy said... more nostril pics please...thanks