Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Justus During the Celebration

Just to let you know Justus did have fun with all of the birthday celebration going on in the house too. He was a great little trooper and a wonderful sidekick!

On Hannah's birthday he made sure to stand by the same wall and yell CHEEEEESE until I took his picture.
At Hannah's party he ate a great lunch with family and got Cheetos all over his face.
He opened and closed Hannah's singing card over and over while Hannah opened her presents.

And that night after the house was much quieter, he laid in Hannah's bed with Daddy and read his Bible while Hannah talked about her exciting day and put her pjs on for bed.What a handsome little man!


JoniDH said...

Oh my, YES!! A VERY handsome little man (and Daddy, too)!

The Dodd Squad said...

awww...he is SO CUTE! :)