Monday, April 30, 2007


Chris and I have been invited to a wedding.
It will be at a very nice hotel.
It will be on a Sunday.
It will be at 7pm.
It states "cocktail attire."

Does anyone know what that really means? Cocktail Attire?
On the glossary at it states this...

Cocktail Attire

Cocktail Attire means short, elegant dresses for her and dark suits for him.

So, I was really worried that this was going to cost me a good bit of money to get something for this wedding. I don't have anything fancy at all!! I saw this dress at Kohl's for $28 and thought it may work. I am not sure I would call this elegant though. Maybe I should have looked up the definition before I looked at dresses. I am just not sure and I figure, if it doesn't, I still like the dress and that is not a bad deal for a dress. Maybe I should just bite the bullet and spend some money and talk to someone who knows and let them sell me a cocktail dress. I don't have a "little black dress" and I hear every lady should have one.

Anyway, do you think this will work??


Kelli said...


I think the little black dress is an essential. I hardly ever have to dress up, but I always know I can wear one and it will be appropriate, yet not stand out too much. I actually have 2 or 3 of them! It does NOT have to cost a fortune. My favorite bargain spot are the clearance racks at Macys...I even named a child after them! (JK...)

4mcknatt's said...

Hey girl, I'm with Kelli on this one...BLACK is a must. It seems that no matter what the attire, it always works. Not too flashy is the key. Try TJ MAXX. Haley

tadakids said...

Hey girly I agree with the other girls about the little black dress. However, you see me everyday and what do I know about cocktail attire. I say make sure you are comfortable. By the way I love the dress.