Tuesday, June 5, 2007

100 Things about Me!

Alright, Haley, here I go. I told you I was up for the challenge to state 100 things about me. I have vowed to myself to get at least 25 of the 100 things about me done tonight. I feel like this is going to be harder than I think so I am starting with baby steps.

1. I am a Christian.
2. I like Doritos way too much.
3. I wish we had more words in the English language for love. There should be a medium between like and love. In that medium is where Doritos would be.
4. I have decided to be a proud Working Mom.
5. I admire and look up to Moms that have chosen to stay home with their children.
6. I love that my best friend is my husband.
7. I strive to be the kind of Christian woman my mother is.
8. I love to hear my Grandpop preach.
9. I have never smoked a cigarette. (Haley helped me think of that one.)
10. I graduated with a bachelor of science degree in Business Management and minored in Organizational Communication.
11. I love to look at Hannah.
12. I miss Carolina Bible Camp but I know if I went back it wouldn't be the same as I remember.
13. I wish I was disciplined enough to get up every day in time to do my hair, instead of going with the ponytail so often.
14. I like to lay out and be tan, even knowing the dangers.
15. I like Diet Coke way too much.
16. I don't like the taste of water.
17. I have never been drunk. Thank goodness.
18. I worry.
19. I don't give enough of my worries to God.
20. I fear.
21. I need to replace my fears with God. (I am working on this.)
22. I think my husband has made me laugh every day of my life since we started dating. Really, every day. He is amazing.
23. At night I pray for my children and my children's children.
24. I secretly like R&B music. Not the gross hard rap stuff. R&B.
25. I think two of the hardest jobs on earth are jobs that you don't get paid for. Being an elder. And being a parent.
26. I don't like to use the words conservative and liberal because I don't feel like I really know what they mean.
27. I enjoy shopping for clothes.
28. I can not motivate myself to loose weight even though I really need to.
29. I think I have the best dentist in the world.
30. I wish I had the eye for decorating the way my Mom does.
31. I don't read my Bible every day. I should. I am working on this.
32. I have only been an avid reader for about 4 or 5 years.
33. I think women should read every one of Nicholas Spark's books.
34. I wish I was athletic.
35. I really really want to visit Seattle, Washington. Never been.

OK, so I did 10 more than I thought I would.
I will be back tomorrow.
Sorry that I have to cheat and break it up.


Sara Jo said...

After 16 years of friendship even though we don't see/talk to each other as much as we used to, I love that I still knew most of these things about you!!!! I just realized our friendship is old enough for a driver's license...that is kind of crazy! I may have to take this challenge too!

4mcknatt's said...

I am so glad that you are doing this. It made me take a deep look into myself and my strengths/weaknesses.

JoniDH said...

I am REALLY enjoying your list. I haven't seen one yet that surprised me - I Love You and all your 100 things that make up who you are!

Over here, it's me said...

I can really help you with #26.

Lesson #1

Liberals = Bad, very, very bad.
Conservative = Good.

Contact me for more.