Monday, June 18, 2007

Crazy Hair

Once again, Hannah's crazy hair (which I think is absolutely beautiful) returns. Yesterday, we could not get it to stay down very well at all. This is a picture of Hannah and her very good friend Chloe all dressed up to go to worship. Hannah was not having that bow in her hair! (Doesn't Chloe look so cute! Hannah and I are biding on that jumper as a hand me down!) Finally we got that bow in. That managed it a little. But then, that afternoon, Chris took Hannah to the pool. Look at that after-pool hair!! WOW! Talk about Crazy Hair! I wouldn't have it any other way. Hope Hannah's crazy hair gave you a few chuckles and smiles!


Wendy said...

I bet Hannah and her daddy are having a great time at the pool together. Love the crazy hair!
Can Hannah swim yet?

JoniDH said...

Mindy, I really think you should explain the crazy pool hair - that visual is the best part to me.

Mindy said...

Well, I found out after the post that while Chris dried Hannah's hair at the pool with a towel, he put it in a Mohawk. Therefore, when it was finally completely dry, it turned out like this. Didn't know that before I posted the picture!