Thursday, June 14, 2007

Times When You Remember

Have you ever had one of those times where you suddenly remember something that you forgot about or haven't thought of in a while? Some childhood memory or something? And you seem to remember it at the oddest of times? Well, let me tell you what happened to me today.

Rewind, first, and let me tell you about my 3rd grade teacher. I loved her. She was my favorite teacher ever. Her name was Mrs. Cathy. I don't think I will ever forget her. I actually wish I knew where she was now. I think I would like to visit her. Anyway, she was a beautiful black woman and was so nice to us, we all loved her very much. One of the weird things I remember about her is that she had corns of her toes and would wear those pads on her toes all the time. (I think they are called corns).

Whatever they were called.... Today I was in the stall in the bathroom at work and someone was right beside me. I glanced over and saw her feet. It was a black woman with corns on her toes. I know this may sound gross or weird and maybe it is but I actually smiled because it reminded me and made me think of Mrs. Cathy.

I am thankful for memories and wonderful people who touch our lives forever.

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Libby said...

I love moments like that. They are so unexpected and wonderful.