Wednesday, June 6, 2007

100 Things about Me!

Part Two

36. Even though I do it, I really don't like wearing my seat belt in the car. It is very uncomfortable to me.
37. I really love the congregation that Chris and I worship with right now.
38. If I had the time I would really like playing a game of spades every day.
39. I really like to play board games.
40. I am a dog person. Not a cat person.
41. I am a hugger and a cuddler.
42. I am sad that Hannah will not grow up watching Sesame Street every day.
43. I am addicted to blogging. I call it my lazy way of doing a scrap book.
44. I try to be a closet picky eater but I think more people know I am picky than I think.
45. I will teach my children that Chris is their hero because he is also mine.
46. I can not swim.
47. I like to travel but I stress about it beforehand.
48. I am actually more sensitive than I like to think I am.
49. I like math.
50. I like playing Sudoku.
51. I believe that looking at the brighter side of things, even if others call you naive, is usually the best way to get thru life.
52. Because of #51 I may get disappointed in humans more than I should.
53. I believe boys and girls really can be just friends.
54. I believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, rose on the third day, and is the living son of God.
55. I like blue blow pops better than any other color.
56. I make up words when I can not think of something I want to say quick enough. I usually still communicate the same thought.
57. I am thankful for my loving patient husband.
58. I believe, as Christians, sharing is one of the things we should try to do most often.
59. I often wonder what the world would be like if Christians gave the same % of time as they do their money to God. Imagine a movement to tithe your time. Can you imagine?
60. I don't like to be scared. Therefore, I don't watch scary movies.
61. That also means I don't watch the news.
62. For years, I watched the weather channel every morning.
63. I think I want 4 children. We will see if I still feel this way after two.
64. I say pill and peel the same way. I say fill and feel the same way. I say pitcher and picture the same way.
65. I lost my bottom retainer after I got my braces off at least 8 times. (Mom and Dad only paid for one replacement.)
66. I am scared about sending Hannah to school. Public, private, or home schools. (even thought I have about 5 years before I have to do this)
67. I am afraid I don't read to Hannah enough.
68. I am proud of my career.
69. I am proud of my husband's career.
70. I miss watching the Smurfs.

This 35 was harder to get thru.
I will have to think again before I can get the last 30.
I promise, I will get there.
Everyone who has a blog and has not done this yet, you need to start thinking. I will be challenging you to do this once I have completed it. Get Ready.

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Over here, it's me said...

Because of #60 you had better vote for all the conservatives that you can, FOREVER!