Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hannah Funnies

I don't have all of my pictures from the Thanksgiving holiday ready to share yet, and I am not at my computer yet but I thought I would share some of the Hannah Funnies of the week. (She just cracks me up!)

Normally she knows all of the men who are leading and serving during worship. On this past Sunday, however, we were visiting at another congregation since we were out of town. We did our normal and gave Hannah some money and told her to give to God. She looked up at the man standing at the end of the row passing the basket to our row and says "OH, HE'S GOD??" What a confusion!

"Coca-Dots" = Polka-Dots

Nannah: Your Mommy is My Daughter
Hannah stares at Nannah
Mommy: Nannah is my Mommy
Hannah stares at me.
Papa Joe: AND Nannah is my wife!!
Hannah: NO! Nannah is MY wife!

Hannah: That is my Baby Justus
Maw Maw: Well, this is my Baby Chris.
Hannah: NO! He is my Baby Daddy.
(She is talking about Chris obviously. We tell her not to call him Chris but to call him Daddy.)

Chris and I don't talk that much about holidays. We don't build them up like we might should with a child. (I realized the day before Trunk or Treat we had not mentioned Halloween to her at all...) SO, lots of adults decided to talk to her and ask her about Christmas this week while we were visiting our parents. She decided she wanted to go sit on Santa's lap. On our way there she was asking about him and Chris told her to tell him what she wanted for Christmas. That did not make sense to her because we have not really talked about it. Since we know what Santa is bringing her, Chris said "Don't you want to ask him for a new computer for you?" She was then very excited. Well, she was ALL talk and did NOT want to be near Santa, however, she did, thru her crying, yell over to him "I WANT NEW COMPUTER!" Then on our way out of the mall she says to us "Wait, I forgot my new computer." Whew! Confusion!

As I remember more - I will let you know.
I KNOW there were more!!


Over here, it's me said...

Mindy - The funnies are genetic, Hannah got them from you. Do you remember being concerned that one of your friends might get ticketed when she parked her car next to the "dog thing" in front of our house? More commonly known as a fire hydrant.


Sara Jo said...

I literally laughed out loud! "My Baby Daddy." Now that is CLASSIC!

Grandmom said...

How cute! I'm glad you are saving these. She'll enjoy them one day.
She's really figuring it all careful. Love you four!

JoniDH said...

Here are some of my favorites from last week:
"Mommy! Nannah called me darling!"
"Nannah, sing it again...."
"Nannah, do it again...."
"I wear your flip flops, Nannah"
"For me?" "Hannah's?"

And sweet Justus just smiles at you if you talk to him - no matter what you are saying!