Saturday, November 1, 2008

What'd You Do Today?

Let me tell you what Chris and I did.

We Mr - Clean - Magic - Erasered red crayon off of 3 walls and a bookshelf in the play room today.

Hannah came into the Bonus Room from her Play Room with a red crayon in her hand. Chris was downstairs and I was bouncing Justus in his bouncy seat there in the Bonus Room. Something about the the way she looked, the look of the crayon in her hand, and the odd noise I just at that moment realized I heard a moment ago made me ask Hannah, "what are you coloring on?" She immediately replyed "the walls." (( At least the girl is honest! )) I went and looked in her play room and, yes, she was telling the truth. There was red crayon all over the walls in her playroom and on her shelf in there.

She got a small spanking that hurt her feelings, a talking to about only coloring on paper, the crayons taken away, a time of solitude and silence in Mommy's lap while we waited for Daddy to bring up the magis erasers, and then a piece of the magic eraser for herself to help with the clean up. No playing until it was all cleaned.

She definitely knows now not to color on anything but paper. Hopefully she will not test us on this one.

(( I did ask Chris to also bring up the camera with the Magic Erasers, but he forgot so you can blame him for no real pictures of the crime committed. ))

Note to Mom: Where would she have gotten this kind of idea to color red crayon on something light colored and have so much fun with it? I just can't think of any possible way she could have something in her genes that would cause this - can you? Surely you don't have any pictures of anyone in our family committing such a crime as this? Right?


Megan said...

I'm not sure if this is what you are referring to but I seem to remember a certain night, years ago, when we thought it was a great idea to color all over our bedroom our first apartment in college... Poor Toby, remember he offered to paint it for us when we moved... it took him HOURS! :)

Wendy said...

i recall a little girl coloring on a white bedspread one time...hmmmm???


love aunt wendy and mollie

JoniDH said...

Welcome to my world! The only thing that makes this great is that I'm the Nannah now and I laughed and enjoyed the crime report!

And Daddy says: Just wait until she stick glow in the dark stars on the ceiling!

We Love You all and Miss You!