Thursday, August 23, 2007

Arm Yourselves

I watched something on the show The Outsiders on ABC last night. It was very disturbing and I think you all should know about it and Arm yourselves with the Sword.

There is a man from Puerto Rico who believes that he is "the same spirit" as Jesus Christ and he is Jesus' second coming. He has won over lots of people in others countries and is now coming to the US. He has a church in Miami and Texas.

He is very contradictory and of course not Jesus Christ. I worry about these people coming near me and my family. Watch and read these things on him so that you will know what he believes and you can arm yourself for when you have to face those who want to believe him.

He teaches that there is no sin and no hell and "organized" religion is bad, but that he believes in the Bible. This is what lots of people want to hear. They want to hear that we will all be saved. They want to hear that it doesn't matter what you do. They want to hear that it is OK to forsake the assembly. They want to hear that the "little things" don't matter. Oh how easy! This belief will be very tempting. The Lord never said it would be easy.

The scripture also says that when Jesus comes back we will ALL know!
There are people worshiping this MAN! This is very scary!
Pray for these people.

Watch the information on this WEBSITE.
Read the information on this WEBSITE.

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