Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Too Picky

Some may call me too picky but I have to share my story of the shoes.

Hannah goes to Day Care. This means that she wears shoes every day. They are not allowed, at this age, to wear open toed shoes. Too many little toes to get stubbed and stepped on. She has only been wearing shoes to school since she has been walking, so she has, so far, only had one pair of tennis shoes that she has regularly worn all day every day. These were hand me downs and absolutely wonderful. We all loved them very much. (If you want to see them, go look at her 12 month pictures on Julie's website. AND thank you, Kelli for passing down the wonderful shoes to us!!) She has now outgrown the shoes, so much that we felt bad putting them on her, so we have been sending her to school in her faux crocks. That was fine but dirt would get into them and bother her, sometimes she would not have one or either of her shoes on when we got there to pick her up, and they seem to just cause the teachers more trouble than what it was worth.

So, at first, I wanted exactly what we had before but the next size, then I realized they may be too much to ask.

Here is what I was looking for:
Must be Velcro (I don't think I should have to deal with laces at age 1).
No white shoes with characters on them.
Not too expensive.
Would go with something more expensive if they were unisex.

Here is where I looked:
Online -
Wal Mart
Osh Gosh Bgosh
Baby Gap
Talbot Kids
The Childrens Place
Googled it
New Balance
Shoe Carnival
In Person -
Baby Gap
Wal Mart
New Balance
Lady Footlocker

NOTHING! Nothing that met my qualifications. Am I asking too much???

If we found a good one - they didn't have it in her size or it was too expensive. We were on the verge of paying $35 for shoes she would only wear for a few months but were unisex. ANYWAY, I was in a panic and I knew I just needed to get out there and really look. I went to Target last night and I was getting so disappointed. Hannah needs a size 5 and all I could find were shoes that started at size 5 1/2 which would really be pushing it. Finally I happen to go back for a third time to look (I could not believe what was happening. I thought I was going to have to spend a fortune just to have size 5 shoes that meet my qualifications... Was I being too picky), and suddenly, I saw on the ends of the aisles there were bins and there were size 5s in them. Size 5s for $12. Here is a picture of what I finally got her.

Yipppeeeeeee! No more panicking. Who would have thought it would be that difficult????

Today she worn them and they were great. I am very pleased and think they are so cute. They are a little big but that means she will get plenty of wear out of them. Today I am thankful for the little bins on the side of the aisles in the Target Shoe Department.


JoniDH said...

Very cute! Sometimes I get something in my head and what it is supposed to look like and it drives me crazy until I find it! Guess you are like me in that regard. Glad you found something that will work.

bettyd said...

Cute shoes. Most of us have some "pickyness" in us. I know I do. Wait until she gets older and she becomes "picky" too. That's when the fun begins!

Libby said...

Those are really cute! I'm glad you finally found some that you like.

Melissa said...

I get a picture of what I want something to look like as well and if I can't find what I have in my head I search until I find it...glad you found something, and VERY cute! I need to go check out those little bins at Target for Landon some new shoes!