Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Morning Time

This is what we get to see every morning. We go into Hannah's room, turn on her lamp, she lays there for a moment, stretches, she then gets up and pushes the button on her mobile base to play music, she dances a little and then comes over to us to give us a big hug and get her out. Yes, all this in about 3 minutes (at the most).

She is hilarious. Every morning it is fun.

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The Davenport Family said...

Hannah is so cute! Her hair has grown so much since I have seen her. She is getting so big, they do grow way to fast. I love your blog! I need to get pics on mine hopefully later today. I am so glad you all are blogging what a great way to catch up. I have added you to my friends and I see you have added me to yours. Hopefully we will run into you all soon at Beef O Bradys that is the only place we ever see you seems like. What a precious family you have!