Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for toothbrushes. I am not saying that I brush or floss my teeth the way that I should or as often as I should but I do love the feeling and taste I have in my mouth after brushing my teeth. I can not even think of what people without toothbrushes do. Have I now shown just how spoiled I am?

I am thankful for pictures. I know that seeing the actual event, thing, or person is the most important but I don't trust my memory to remember what I really want to remember. Did that make sense or was it just confusing? I just love pictures. (in case some of you have not figured that out yet.)

I am thankful for family. Again, showing my spoiled side, I don't know what those without family do. The love and support and caring spirit that comes from our family can really fill me up. I can't be thankful enough for those that have taught me thruout the years. And then the feeling of having that love and support from a new family that you have started is too wonderful for words to describe. Family gets me thru! I love you all.

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