Saturday, November 10, 2007


Exciting News in our Little World!

Every day we pass a field on the interstate going to and from work. The field has 2 Bison in it. For the entire time we have lived here they have always been there. Every day. We call them our bison and look for them every time we pass.

Well, a couple of weeks ago they were gone. They were not there. Not either one of them. I was so sad and I was so afraid they were sold for meat or something. They were not there for quite a few days.

THEY ARE BACK!! Yippeee!! AND now there are 3!! AND one is a little smaller than the others. I think I know where they have all been. I am so happy our bison are back!


Grandmom said...

Glad the Bisons are back.

Libby said...

We always got a kick out of seeing them too. I'm glad they're back.