Monday, November 12, 2007

Great Opportunity

So, I have a "heart struggle," as I call it, with the way things work in this world sometimes. We have people who entertain us by acting like someone they are not, and by throwing a ball, etc. and they get, literally, millions and millions of dollars. (The first part of the heart struggle is that I watch and enjoy movies, TV, and pro sports myself.)

However, we have people out there trying to teach our children, and they don't have enough paper to make copies of a worksheet for their students. On average, a teacher spends $1200 of their own money for their classroom each year.

I have just recently discovered a way to give that I never knew about. You can sponsor a classroom. Just go to the Adopt a Classroom website and choose a classroom anywhere in the United States. You can give as much as you want. All the money you give goes straight to the teacher to use at an online store where they can get all kinds of great supplies. I have tried to be sure to read all the information before putting this on here and it looks very legitimate. What a great cause to give to!!

I hope that Chris and I will be able to contribute to this regularly. Even if we only make life a little easier for one... What if we all did that?

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