Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What I am reading Now

Chris and I read the first chapter of Aubrey Johnson's "Spiritual Patriots Jude's Call To Arms" last night. I have a paragraph or two I want to share with you. I really loved the way he put some of this.

Pg 15
The acceptance of heaven's invitation is confirmed by human love expressed in submission to God's commands. Sanctification involves growth in Christlikeness; and growth in Christlikeness requires one's ability to give and receive love.

Pg 16
Saints show their love for Christ by keeping His commandments, and those who love Him are kept by Him. All of heaven's resources are available to help Christians grow spiritually and live faithfully. If a person is lost, it will not be due to Christ's carelessness, the Spirit's stinginess, or the Father's failure to love and protect. It will be a breakdown of his own heart.

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