Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hannah's Room

How long have I been promising pictures? The room is still not completely finished but I thought I would still go on and show you everything and you can imagine the rest. Hannah's new room (the only other bedroom upstairs) is actually an odd shape and rather big. Chris (and I) really did not want to paint the whole room because of this. So we ended up painting one complete wall and then stripes on the others. Hannah picked out the bedding, then Chris and I picked out the colors based on that. I think it turned out neat and I think Hannah likes it.

This is her dresser. Some good friends of ours that worship with us gave her that stool and it is perfect for watching me fix her hair in the mornings. I did the H, J, and D that are on the wall but I have not put ribbon on it yet to hold her hairbows. That is coming soon.

If you have never looked at Upper Case Living, you should. That is where I got the doily and monogram for over her bed. I love it. And the green stool that Maw Maw and Poppa Bob got Hannah goes great in here for her to be able to get into and out of her bed. NO, I did not make the bed for you all. She had just gotten up from her nap and the camera was close by. Sorry. There are 2 white bedrails for her so she will not fall out of the bed. Thanks Papa Joe for letting us use some of the "points" you earned to "buy" these!

We do have curtains but no curtain rods yet. That is coming soon, hopefully. We took the glider out of the baby room and put it in here. The blanket that matches her bedspread helps to tie in that beige thing. (We really love it no matter what the color!) The random bedside table and 2x4s - Chris will get out of the room very soon. They actually don't go in here at all. I am honestly not sure Hannah has even noticed them, though.

And here we are, all the way around. Hannah thinks it is really great that her name is on the closet door. I got those and the butterflies on either side of the door from Target. They are wall stickers or art or something.... The other thing (not shown) is that we have to put in her ceiling fan. Chris has put in one before but he doesn't like doing it and he doesn't think it is wise to do it on his own so that is still sitting in a box on her floor. Also, check out the chest of drawers in the little "cubby." I love how it is out of the way.

Next big project is to make Justus' room special. This is the way the baby room looks now. We purposefully chose some things with Hannah that would be easy to change to make it a boy room if necessary. That is the ongoing project right now and we are moving along rather well with it. Hopefully I will be able to show you the transformation soon. Meanwhile, check out the "before" pictures.

In the midst of all my organization and cleaning out I have discovered these bins from Target that I LOVE. They are everywhere in the house now. I am not sure I can get enough of them.

These are in Hannah's room, holding HER things. I wanted to establish some things as just hers before Justus came along and put them in HER room. This is where those things go!
This is the toy bin in Mommy and Daddy's room. If Hannah is in our room (and not right under us wanting to know what we are doing) then she knows she can go here for a few toys to play with while we are doing our thing.
This is in Justus' room to help hold the books that would not fit in the bookshelf and will eventually be used for the things he can call HIS (similar to Hannah).
This is in the play room. One has blocks, one has toys with wheels, one has Little People items, and one has junk in it.

There is also one downstairs in the living room with a few little toys if Hannah wants to play while we are fixing supper or something. I have one in each of the cars for Hannah's toys and books for the cars. I have one ready to put in Hannah and Justus' bathroom to put in the cabinet for things. Seriously, they are everywhere.

My warning about these wonderful wonderful bins - they try to trick you at the store. These that I have are about $5 (or $5.99?) a piece. However, there are other brands and types (like leather) that cost double that or more. The trick is that they are not all on the same aisle. SO you may think your Target doesn't have them or that they are out or something. NO, just go a couple more aisles down and you will find them. (Trust Me - I had a panic once - they are there!)


JoniDH said...

WOW - Hannah's room is BEAUTIFUL!! I love how it turned out - what little girl wouldn't LOVE this room? Thanks for sharing. (And is love all the bins - aren;t they great?) Can't wait to come see everything "in person". Love you all!

Betty said...

What a beautiful room for a beautiful princess! It looks great and ya'll did a great job decorating. Sure wish I had bought stock in those bins....I'll have to get some of those myself.

Libby said...

I love Hannah's room! The stripes look great. Since you're so good at doing stripes, maybe you can help me do them somewhere in my house!! HaHa!

Wendy Worley said...

Great Room! You guys did good! I love the colors & stripes!

Wendy said...

you are so lucky to have such a creative and talented mommy and daddy! your room is the coolest!

Aunt Wendy and Mollie