Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday

A blog called Rocks in my Dryer has a "Works for me Wednesday" entry where everyone can join in. I have learned a few great little things thru this so I thought I would try it out this week. This is my very first Works for me Wednesday and I am already going to modify it. Can I do that? I say YES!

How about Hope-It-Works-For-Me-Wednesday?

I have started an store. Hopefully Mom and I can sell some of our homemade items on there. Have any of you ever tried it? Any suggestions - besides the fact that I need to take the time to get more on it??

I hope it Works For Me!!
(I promise to try not to bend the rules next week!)


sweetlittlelife said...

My mom and I just started an Etsy store recently, too. I just wanted to wish you luck. Your hair accessories are adorable! I wish I had a tip for you, but I'm still trying to find the secret to selling on etsy!

sunnymum said...

Good luck! I opened a store with my sis for our papercrafts & sewing, but have nothing in it yet :( I would recommend putting a link in your signature of your emails and on message boards (like cafemom). Nothing to fancy or pushy, but enough to remind people to visit your site. Have a nice week.

Flibby said...

A good friend of mine has an etsy store, I haven't ever tried it. I've been wanting to though. Your hairbows are darling!! Good luck!