Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Book

Gift From the Heart was a very good book. I laughed and I cried. Once Chris looked at me while I was reading it and saw me crying and said "Is it worth it?" I said yes in between my tears!! Of course, please remember my "condition" if you read this and think I am crazy for crying. Anyway, this is just another Love Inspired book that I do recommend. I seem to recommend them all. They are such good books.

Before I read the next one in this Love Inspired series I am now going to Little Earthquakes by Jennifer Weiner. It is about pregnant women. Yipppppeeeeeee!! I am very excited about it. I have gotten to about page 50 and think it is great so far. My Aunt Wendy recommended it as she recommends all of Jennifer Weiner's books. I have read In Her Shoes and Goodnight Nobody so this will be my third of hers I have read. So far they are all great! (They seem to normally be about girls..... not necessarily love stories - just about women. I like that!)


Wendy said...

I love it when i get my name on your blog!!!
I hope you enjoy the book!!!

love you
Aunt Wendy

bettyd said...

I wonder if others will enjoy the book as much as you did if they don't have a "condition"....glad you're enjoying it. I'll be on the look out for Jennifer Weiner books - are they a series, or can you pick up any one of them and read?

Christopher said...

Tell everyone why its called Little Earthquakes, Mindy.

Mindy said...

No, I don't think that any of them are in a series. She does have one out, though, that is a book of short stories instead of a novel.

I am guessing that the book is called Little Earthquakes because that is exacly what a baby is in your life. They really shake things up.

Why do you think it is called Little Earthquakes CHRIS? Would you like to read the book yourself and find out?

I know it has nothing to do with a soft bathroom mat!! For Sure!

Wendy said...

Babies will rock your world that's why it's called little earthquakes!!!
Ok...anyone who wants to read Jennifer Weiner....
In Her Shoes (way better than the movie)
Good in Bed and now the sequel Certain Girls are awesome!
Goodnight Nobody.
Little Earthquakes.
Men Not Taken (short stories)
the only one I have not read is Men not Taken.
Also....HIGHLY HIGHLY recomment Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum Novel series....hilarious and fun books!!! There are 14 in the series plus two extras.

Aunt Wendy

JoniDH said...

OK, How about someone passing along the books you've read to me??

JoniDH said...

AND......would someone (Chris) please explain the soft bathroom mat comment???????????????????? (I'll probably be sorry I asked)

Christopher said...

Joni, call me. I believe this is a censored web site.

Betty said...

Okay!!! I'll also take any leftover books...and I'll continue to guess about the soft bathroom mat....later