Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thoughts from the Road

I was in the car yesterday for about 12 hours. (Don't worry, I did as the doc said and stopped every 2 hours and walked and drank lots of water. To Chris' dismay the water made me have to stop a little more than every 2 hours... ) It is amazing all the things that come up in your head in that time and all the things you see and learn. Here are just a few..

Hannah loves stickers. I got this idea from a wonderful friend who said she bought dollar stickers regularly when she went out and so then she gave her little girl a little blank book and let her put the stickers in. Chris and I have done that and it has made many a worship services and many a car rides bearable and not so boring for Hannah. We always let her do whatever she wants with the stickers as long as it is on the book.

Well, we just bought Hannah a new book and we bought her some of those gel stickers at the Target One Spot. The gel stickers are a little raised up and so she likes them alot. As I was giving them to her she was putting them on the back of the book, which is within the rules but I just thought it would be nice if she would put them inside the book actually on the paper. I kept asking her if she wanted to put them inside the book and she kept looking at me, considering my suggestion, and then putting them on the back. It was afterwards when I started looking at it that I realized what she was doing. She was matching them up. See in this picture if you can tell. All the nemos are on top of each other, all the turtles are on top of each other, and all the baby turtle ones are on top each other. How smart. No wonder my suggestion sounded a little crazy in her mind.

Next, have you ever had a smell remind you of the past? For some reason to me that is one of the weirdest and most extraordinary things ever. Your nose brings back memories. Anyway, this bathroom in a Chick Fil A last night totally smelled just like our cabins at Carolina Bible Camp that I went to for years and years when I was younger. (It was where Chris and I met!) I think I actually stayed in there for an extra minute just because of that. Weird - I know.

Then I look back and I see Hannah. I had to get my camera quick for everyone that reads my blog. Because if you saw how she was sleeping during a Cedarmont Kids Video earlier in the week, I wanted to be sure you saw how she normally looks during a Cedarmont Kids video. I really try to get her to close her mouth but the video is obviously not as enjoyable without her mouth open a little.

Finally, Chris and I are listening to a seminar on CD that my parents attended at their congregation. It is Marriage Matters with Jerry and Lynn...... hummm.... What is their last name? Anyway, one of the things that they say often has really hit me. I have never thought about things in this way before...

God is the Creator. God's creations are Good! Satan does not Create!
So, what Satan does is take God's creations and turn them into something bad and sinful.
Boy that Satan is sneaky isn't he?

I am sure in 12 hours I thought of more than just that...... Oh well, that is all I can remember.


JoniDH said...

I tell you - that is the smartest 2 years 3 weeks and 1 day old girl EVER!!!!!

JoniDH said...

And I'm not very smart - she is the smartest 2 years, 1 week, and 3 days old girl EVER!!!!

Wendy said...

that is so funny. she had a plan with those stickers!!!
i know exactly what you mean about smells. i love it when i smell granny girdner's house. that has actually happened to me before. i like that its unexpected. it makes for wonderful memories.

love you,
aunt wendy and mollie