Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Hannah Funny

Hannah is feeling a bit under the weather.

At school yesterday she just laid around and wasn't playing, she wasn't talking, and she wasn't eating. For those of you who know her well know that these are MAJOR signs of something being wrong with Hannah. So, sure enough, she had a little temperature.

SO, Chris and I went, picked her up from school, and took her straight to the doctor. Hannah is getting better about the doctor but not great. (She did con them out of 2 (YES TWO) popsicles.) When we were waiting for the Doc to come in, she was sitting with Chris and she kept saying to us "go home?" or "Hannah go home?" or "All Done Doctor?" because she was ready to get out of there. We of course kept saying no and that we still had to see her Doctor before we could go.

Finally, she looked at her Daddy and asked him to "get up." This is not uncommon. If she is scared of or nervous about something, she wants you to hold her and she wants you to be standing up while you do it. I guess being far away from the ground makes her feel more safe? Anyway, I think Chris stood up for her hoping to calm her down. Once that was done, she looked at him and said "open door." She was actually giving him step by step instructions on how to get out of there.

I must say...... Very Creative, Hannah!

((BTW, Hannah is fine. Her throat was red but their test did not show strep. SO, they are sending her culture to the lab to see what they find. For now, we are just controlling her temp.))


The Burgess Family said...

That made me LAUGH! She is too funny, glad she is feeling well!!

The Burgess Family said...

And I missed it with all that has been going on with Chayse... HAPPY LATE ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wendy said...

this is hilarious!!!
I laughed outloud.

I missed your anniversary?

I'm terrible at those.....

Aunt Wendy and Mollie

Betty said...

Smart girl! Too funny...but signs of a great leader!! So glad she's feeling better - don't like for her to be sick.

JoniDH said...

She's a smart cookie!! Love Hannah stories! Get well soon, Hannah Banana! I Love You!

Doug and Liz said...

Hi Mindy and Chris! Yes, you can link to us :) Didn't know that you were expecting... congrats! Let us know if you are ever in Atlanta!

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