Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Vacation Day One

I was able to french braid Hannah's hair. I was so excited and couldn't believe she sat still long enough!

Lots of good Hannah/ Landon time was had!

Hannah imitated Jesus and drew in the sand. We are very proud.

Poppa Bob was the Hero of the night because he brought the kids these light saber things. They just loved them. I think Hannah may have had the most fun getting Uncle Brian with hers!

Hannah could have done without the fireworks. They were pretty and I am so glad I got to see them but I must admit, I do agree with Hannah - They are Loud and after a while They Stink!

For some reason these two pictures crack me up of Chris and his sister, Melissa. They both look so serious and thoughtful. I don't think there is any denying here that they are related!


bettyd said...

We so enjoyed the Doughtie family being in Cary and Fuquay Varina and Lake Gaston with us. It was a fun packed few days and so glad we were able to spend time together. Good pics and I look forward to seeing more! We miss you!

bettyd said...

Hannah didn't care much for the fireworks (would have it they didn't make noise), but she sure enjoyed her light saber/wand thingy.

Wendy said...

love the pics....and love the hat chris has on.....

aw and mollie