Monday, October 27, 2008

Bloggy Giveaway Carnival

Guess What?
Another Bloggy Giveaway Carnival!!

The carnival is this whole week and there are already over 600 people/blogs participating! WHOA! You should really check it out. People are only allowed to giveaway family friendly items so you shouldn't see anything dirty, and it has to be really free in order for them to participate. You are not allowed to say that someone wins something "free but they have to pay shipping" or "a % off of an item somewhere." Really Free and you do not have to have a blog account to enter most of the drawings!

SEE!!! FUN!!!

Sparkle Factor is participating in this and doing 3 giveaways so be sure to check it out.
(And if you want to do a little shopping while you are there - Go For It!)

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