Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trunk or Treat

Trunk or Treat is so fun. It is nice to have a safe place for our children to "trick or treat" and it is fun to be able to hang out with all your friends in the process and be with all the kids you love so much (whether they are "yours" or not)!

The kids in our congregation have got to be the coolest kids around but I must say I am a little partial to a certain Titans Cheerleader and a very sweet Sweet Pea!


JoniDH said...

I pick the Titan cheerleader and the little pea as the WINNERS!!!! Cute costumes - everyone looks like they are having a good time - Hannah is always having fun when she gets a lollipop!!!

Betty said...

Cutest Titan cheerleader and Sweet Pea I've ever seen! Adorable!

Libby said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! They look so cute in their costumes!!

Carrie Mc said...

How cute. I love the pea pod costume (one of my favorites) and Hannah makes a great Titans cheerleader. Go Titans!!!!

Wendy said...

Love those costumes!!!!
Titans Cheerleader and Pea Pod!!!
Love you

Aunt Wendy and Mollie

Wendy said... much candy did you get at trunk or treat???
Have you had a jr.frosty yet???

love you
Aunt Wendy

PS don't worry year you'll be excited about the candy too!!!

The Burgess Family said...

I had to do a double take... I thought that Hannah was wearing a Tarheels outfit and was thinking Chris must be REALLY REALLY REALLY sick and you were not telling us!! LOL!!! Put some RED on that child!! She looks sooo cute and so does Mr. Justus!!