Monday, October 6, 2008

New Book

I have finished Hey Good Looking by Fern Michaels. I really enjoyed it. It had a little love story in it even though it was not the main story line. It had a little mischief in it that was very fun. I was a little disappointed in this Fern Michaels book because one of the story lines seemed to just dropped without a real conclusion, however, I better give Ms Michaels the benefit of the doubt, I could have just been so tired when I read it that I missed it. That is SO possible right now. (It was the story line of the "bad guy" anyway so it was not the one I was the most interested in.)

Bet you can't guess what book I am reading now??? You Got It! Mom and I went out with Mr. Justus last week to the book store to get Nicholas Sparks' new book The Lucky One. Yippeeeee! I have already started it and I am already hooked. If I had the time, I could definitely finish it today!!

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Grandmom said...

I finished The Lucky One last Friday. It was another hit for N.S.
I liked Charles Martin's book.
Another new author that I like very much..Jason F. Wright.
Christmas Jar (a must read)
The Wednesdays Letters (reading now)
Recovering Charles (new one I think)