Saturday, October 11, 2008

New Book

I know, I know. I just had a new book less than a week ago and I am NOT a fast reader so how can it possibly be that I am already on to another New Book? A few things can explain this....

It was a Nicholas Sparks book I was reading.

I have had a couple of weeks with parents here at my house telling me to go take a nap and so for the first part of that time, I would read.

I have a wonderful husband that always does the last feeding of the night with Justus which means I can crawl in bed, cuddle up, and read some before closing my eyes for a few hours of sleep until Justus wakes up.

It was a Nicholas Sparks book, you know?

Anyway, as usual, The Lucky One was a great book. Couldn't put it down and if you like love stories or if you like Nicholas Sparks, I would definitely recommend you reading it.

One thing I like about his books is that they are always clean, however, they do not always have characters in them that have Christian values. Nicholas Sparks never claims to be a Christian author but I always like to tell you all if you are going to find Christian principles or not in the books I read just so, if you do decide to read them yourselves, you are not taken by surprise.

Of my pile of books that I have by my bed waiting to be read, this time it was pretty easy for me to choose my next book to read. Why? Because I borrowed it from someone and I am pretty sure I probably should have been courteous and read it before The Lucky One but I just couldn't wait to read it SO, I need to read Where the River Ends by Charles Martin next so that I can give it back to my friend as soon as possible.

I have never read Charles Martin before and I have honestly not looked him up to see what else he has out there. The funny thing is that my friend picked up this book thinking it was a Nicholas Sparks book. The outside of the book looks just like a Nicholas Sparks book and at a glance could have been easily mistaken for one. When she read it, she liked it and brought it to worship one Sunday to let someone else borrow it. When I saw it, I said that I wanted it next. And SO, now I have it and it is my turn to read it.

There is a "disclaimer" on the front that says "Warning: This book could break your heart."

As always, I will let you know.

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Grandmom said...

I have read Charles Martin's book. It is very good. Hope you enjoy. Jason F. Wright is another author I think you will like. I have read the Christmas Jar. A must read.