Sunday, October 12, 2008

Our Sunday Pictures

I am not even going put comments under this series of pictures. How about you make them up as you look at them? I bet they would be pretty close to exactly how our morning went.

I do think that Hannah's little dress is cute but the pictures didn't capture it (and there was no time this morning to keep trying). We probably should have gone outside. It is a soft navy corduroy and was so adorable. It was one of those wonderful Hand -Me -Downs that I love so much.

Did you see my little man in a polo style shirt? Isn't he cute? I think he may get his 6 week pictures done in this outfit. It is so so ........ Handsome! (not cute or sweet or pretty - right?)


JoniDH said...

I don't even know where to begin - but I can tell you this - ya'll have two cute, cute kids!! Wow - what a change in your house! Love you all LOTS!!! Wish I was still there!

Grandmom said...

So, so sweet. Justus hurry and get old enough to protect yourself from all this bother you're putting up with now. Hannah you be a sweet sister. Love you all!

Betty said...

Pictures often speak for themselves.........but what a beautiful family! We're missing being there to see Hannah and Justus. Love to all!