Saturday, October 18, 2008


Let me tell you something that I could really get use to... Going to the Grocery Store during the week, during the day!

Love It!
Not a crazy amount of people.
Not in a rush.
Different set of employees to meet.

The Down Side:
#1 The weekend employees are a little more friendly.
(Not really a problem for me. I just kill them all with EXTRA kindness.)
#2 There are not nearly as many free sample stands.
(This is probably something I should list as a positive considering the pounds I am trying to loose.)

Let me tell you a few interesting things about my trip to the grocery store yesterday at around 11am. Since I am not in a rush, I got to really take a few extra things in.

1 gallon of Gas and 1 gallon of Milk are the same price!! $2.99! That is a great price right now for my area. If your area is a whole lot better than that please don't tell me and let me have this moment!

A very young girl (I am very young, myself, but she was younger than me - I would guess no more than 23) was so excited when I started down the aisle that she was on, because I had a baby carrier on my cart. She turned around and immediately asked how old my baby was and came around to look at him.

I told her he was 3 weeks and she vibrantly told me that she just found out she was expecting so she was very into looking at babies right now. Before I could say anything she promptly told me they were hoping for a boy.

I smiled big and told her congratulations and asked if this was her first. She smiled back at me and said yes. She immediately then said that it was "also HIS first, actually, so they were REALLY excited!" I was almost speachless that this is the big news of the pregnancy - that it was actually BOTH of their firsts. Even though I was practically speechless at that comment, I didn't ruin her moment (in much the same way I would rather you not ruin my moment about the gas and milk prices) and told her that was exciting and congratulations once again.

She apologized that she was so excited and I advised her it was completely OK and I thought it was OK for her to shout it from the mountain tops. She seemed relieved that her excitement was OK. I am so glad I was able to communication that the excitement was great.

I went to the next aisle with tears in my eyes for her. Pray for her, her baby, and the baby's father. I wonder if she was my opportunity for the day and I blew it. I probably should have asked her about her relationship with God. I didn't. I am, however, going to pray for this new family.

The lady checking out in front of me wrote a check for her groceries. I know that is perfectly OK and I am very glad she has the right to do that if she wants but does it seem like that takes such a long time these days? A check card is so simple and so quick. One good thing about this is that I was not in a rush and she took a while since she wrote a check so we got to talk and she was a very nice lady. I suppose any time to have a little small talk with a kind stranger is OK. When was the last time you wrote a check at a store?

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