Monday, October 6, 2008

Our Sunday Pictures

Mr. Justus' first Sunday pictures before going to worship.
I think Justus may have gotten the raw end of the deal on these pictures but we had lots of fun taking them!! Justus did wonderful in worship and everyone just ewwwwed and awwwwwed over him all morning. It was a wonderful day of Worship with our entire family of 4.


JoniDH said...

Oh - so, so sweet! I got the added advantage of being there so I KNOW how sweet the pictures were - where's the picture of Mommy and Daddy??????

Darrin said...

Mindy & Chris,
What a beautiful blessing Justus is for you! You have two beautiful kids. I am sure you are proud.

Mindy - enjoy your time away from work. We miss having you here.

Good luck....


Carrie Mc said...

Justus looks so sweet for church. Hannah seems really taken with him. I'm glad she is enjoying her little brother. :)

Grandmom said...

Oh, so sweet! Especially the one with Hannah kissing Justus.