Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Birthday Party

We did something small this year. Only a couple of friends and family. I think we are going to start doing an every other year on friends thing. Hannah had a big friends party last year and Justus only had family. So, I think this year was smaller for Hannah and so Justus will get to have a friends party this year.


I don't know.

I think at this point all Justus' friends are Hannah's friends. Is that sad?

Anyway, it was lots of fun. The cake was AMAZING!! If you need a number for a great cake person PLEASE, ask me. I know a couple of someones!!! Hannah asked Mrs Elizabeth for a striped cake with Dora on top. How perfect did she do?

The girls who did come were sweet and had lot of fun dressing up, playing, and throwing water balloons at Mr Chris!

Thank you to everyone for the gifts. What a spoiled, cute little 4 year old!


dgayle said...

It was her day and I see she was "honored" with a flower.
How sweet that girl is.

JoniDH said...

It was fun! I didn't notice that Gmom, Aunt Wendy, & Nannah color coordinated!

Yes, Hannah was honored with a flower and it was an honor to be there!