Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Silly Girl

I love taking Hannah's picture by the fence. I am not completely sure why. I then love to put the pictures on the computer and pretend I am a real photographer and make them look artsy by applying different effects to them.

Anyway, the story goes that I asked Hannah to please go to the fence to take some pictures and this is what she did (after she just leaned up against it and rolled her eyes for me).
Then I asked her to put her feel together. She did and I told her she looked so pretty and much more like a little lady and then I got these poses......Oh My!
What a Cutie, Crazy, Silly Girl!


Betty said...

Cutie, craxy, silly, beautiful, smart, talented, lovely, sweet...I could go on....Wonderful pictures! Hannah, you look like a professional model! (and not yet 4!) Love you all!

Betty said...

That would be "crazy"...oops.

JoniDH said...

Oooooooh.......what a pretty young lady! Love the poses! Great photos, Mommy!

Wendy said...

Especially love the last two!! Good going Hannah Banana!!

Love you

Wendy said...

Love the big girl sandles!