Monday, June 28, 2010

Hannah's Day

This is probably the first year we decided to do something ON her birthday. It wasn't much but it made her realize how special she is.
Chris went in to work late Wednesday morning so that he could take Hannah out to a special birthday-Daddy-Hannah-breakfast.She thought it was great - She came home with a Chick-Fil-A cow. (and breakfast for mommy as an added bonus to me!)When we asked her what she wanted for her birthday she said "a cross necklace like mommy's" and of course the first reaction was that there was no way we were going to pay for any jewelry for a 4 year old. Well, I was looking thru some old things and found my old cross necklace. We found a place that would clean it for free and WahLah she got what she wanted! Chris gave it to her at breakfast and she was so excited.Then we went to the library and Reese got to meet up with us there. Big Wonderful!Then we went to Mr and Mrs Pritchett's house to eat lunch and play. Hannah came home with a tummy full of cupcakes with sprinkles and a beautiful hand-made dress!!!At the church building some others spoiled her rotten with some sweet gifts to show they love her and lots of happy birthday wishes. It ended up being such a special day.

The only problem was that she thought her party was just around the corner all day. Explaining that "this day" is your birthday and that the "party" is another day is a big deal! :-)


JoniDH said...

A very very special day for a very very special girl! I LOVE her dress and her necklace and her smiles and HER!!!

Libby said...

What a fun day! I'm glad it was special for her.

The Dodd Squad said...

Happy Birthday (I know it's late) to Hannah. Love, Addie **We love the cross necklace! Very sweet and beautiful! :)