Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Did you know that at the last soccer game when you are 3 years old, your coach brings you a cupcake and you get a trophy?

I didn't know that either until a few weeks ago.

Hannah was SO SO excited!


Betty said...

So excited about the trophy! And, quite an interesting trophy. Hannah's face and hairline show she really played hard for her team! So proud of your first team experience Hannah! Love to all!

JoniDH said...

Whew! You can tell she ran and played hard! So proud of you, Hannah! Which did you like best - the trophy or the cupcake?

Wendy said...

I LOVE the trophy!!! Great job Hannah Banana!!!

Love you!!!

Aunt Wendy and MOllie

Grandmom said...

Congratulations Hannah! So proud of you!