Wednesday, June 2, 2010

End of the Year Carnival

At the Day School that Hannah and Justus go to (and I teach at) they have a carnival day at the end of the year. It was so fun. (I can't believe I am just now getting the pictures on here)! Each teacher "mans" a fun game and then all the children get to go around and play.

Chris was able to come and he got a couple of pictures.

The Ring Toss!
The Sack Race!
I was the teacher in charge of this game so if a child came to "race" and there was no one to race with - guess who got to "play." Whew! I got a work out that day. And I Completely Blame Willa! :-)
Face Painting!
The Fam!
Justus was really not sure about the whole thing but since Daddy was there, it worked out!


JoniDH said...

Fun, fun, fun!! Wish I cuold have been there!

Betty said...

And fun was had by all! (including Mommy!) Love how Hannah cheered Justus on with the ring toss. Glad Daddy could attend.

Wendy said...

Where is the cotton candy and sugary treats???


Wendy said...

Mindy...who won the sack race?