Friday, June 11, 2010

Where Have I Been?

Chris was in charge of VBS this year and that is where I have been...

In my craziness, I forgot my camera the last 2 nights but here are some pictures from the Sunday night kickoff fun and our first night of VBS (Monday).

Our theme was Harvest Time and we had farm stuff everywhere.

Here is Hannah bobbing for apples.
Here is Justus playing in the water for the apples.
Hannah and Justus "kicking" the soccer ball. Hannah is "Michael Jordan Serious" about kicking hers!
Hannah trying to learn how to spit pumpkin seeds.
Hannah and Ellen in the 3 legged race. They were so cute!
This is one of my favorite pictures. Hannah is waiting in line for the water bucket relay.
This is hilarious. It is like they don't even realize there are holes in the bottom of the bucket. I can't help but laugh.
Our neighbor got to come with us each night. They liked the cow on the wall.
All the adults dressed up like they were on a farm. Don't I have the cutest hubby farmer ever??



dgayle said...

So sorry I missed it, but anyone I have talked to said it was wonderful. I love the theme!!

Wendy said...

You know...Chris....all I can say wait...I am speechless.


Wendy said...

I don't remember VBS being this fun!!! Love the pictures.


Betty said...

It does look like fun! I enjoyed all the pictures on FB. Still laugh at the picture of Farmer (Hunter) Chris though!