Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Bookshelf

I have been looking on line for some pictures of some bookshelves. Here are a couple that I found.

This one is pretty cool. I got this when I googled vertical and horizontal books on bookshelf. I would love to have a wall like this one day but I am definitely looking for something that won't cut into our pockets too awfully much.

I really liked this one. Great suggestion, Wendy!! I think it looks pretty. (Kelli, you could even do it the color of the rainbow like your closet!!)

I found one that showed someone who put wallpaper on each shelf and then had some hanging down a little and cut scallops on the ends. It was neat but for some reason I could not get the picture on here. (I probably did something wrong.)

I am doing pretty good working on mine but all the pictures are the problem. What pictures have you all saved? Are their pictures that you have gotten rid of since you have had kids? Some pictures from middle school or high school that I have seem so .... so.... not needed. What do you think?

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