Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Life Change

So here it is. I told you a few days ago I needed to make some changes and they needed to be priority and so I think I have started to set some goals and some time frames.

You all are going to get to go thru this with me. No matter how embarrassing!!

The BIG MAIN goal is that I want to go thru this house and simplify and organize. I am not going to keep anything out just because I don't want to make someone else feel bad. I am going to completely simplify and organize. Every Room!!

The first goal to get here is that I want to hire someone to deep clean my home. SO, I need to make my home able to be cleaned by strangers. Right now, it is NOT that way. At all. Also I would like for this to happen before the baby is born.

SO my first goal is to find a spot to store all yard sale/ebay/donation stuff as I am cleaning.

My second goal is to organize the book shelves that people see when they first come into my home. Here is the picture of what it looks like now. Any suggestions on how to make book shelves with books in them pretty? Do they need anything in front of them or do you think the books are fine by themselves? In my defense I did not make the mess, however, I have been too lazy for too long to clean it up and get it organized!!

I will keep you updated on my life change and hopefully get some advice from you on it too.

Thank you for letting me vent and share with you my changes. It may take me a while but it will happen!! It will!!


Wendy Worley said...

You will think I am crazy, but on HGTV they suggested organizing the books by their colors, red spline books with other red spline books, and so forth. It looked pretty cool on TV! Good luck!

Carrie Mc said...

I totally support your efforts. I had this goal (you will find it on my blog if you look back far enough), but the very next month I became pregnant with Abbey and I just never seemed to find the time. Then I thought, well once she is here then I can work on it and again that didn't happen. I would like to work on it now that she is a little older and I can leave her to play on her own or with here daddy more. I'll try to get some pictures up on my blog too and we can see each other's progress. Good luck!

Melissa said...

I have this same problem! Good luck with your process and progress, please let me know if you figure out a good trick, and not just with the bookshelf!

Kelli said...


Once you go through all your books you'll probably find that you have a lot less! When I'm staging I like to do some books stacked horizontally on a shelf with something like a picture frame next to them, and then on the next shelf you could store them the traditional way vertically. I like to sort those by height.....I'm doing the same thing at my house right now and getting ready for a big sale!!!! Good luck