Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Ticker

I had to change our ticker to look a little more like a boy and to show off his name so we can all stop calling him "the baby." It is funny how it seems so natural to say "The Baby." We ask Hannah what her brother's name is and she usually says "boy" or "baby." We are working on that!!

His name is Justus Robert!!
(we will call him Justus - Robert is just his middle name)

We have fallen in love with this name and are so excited. We found this name in Acts 1:23, 18:7, and Colossians 4:11. I think our favorite story about Justus is that in Acts 18 we can see that he must have been one of Paul's friends. Paul stayed in Justus' home in his travels and the New American Standard Version states that Justus was "a worshiper of God."


Wendy said...

Just so you know, i have a friend who still to this day calls her brother..... BOY! His actual name never caught on with her. So, Hannah may always call Justus, BOY!!! And that would be perfect!!!

Aunt Wendy and Mollie

JoniDH said...

Yea!!! I love the name! I printed out all the scriptures and though there are only 3 times he is mentioned; they all show he was a Godly man - wouldn't that be wonderful if we were all remembered as Godly?

Hannah probably understands baby and boy better - that's okay for now - she'll pick up on it hearing ya'll call him Justus. I'm sure it's hard for her to figure out the baby she can't see thing right now.

Love You All!

Libby said...

That's a cute name. I can't wait to meet the little guy!