Sunday, May 11, 2008

Our Sunday Pictures

This was the dress that Chris and I originally got for Easter before I found the one she wore at the consignment sale. I think it is really pretty. The first picture is of Hannah helping Daddy get ready. She was helping by tying his shoe. She is so cute!

Happy Mother's Day to all my favorite mothers.

Especially to Grandmom, Nannah, and Maw Maw!
I got a wonderful surprise this morning. I now have a new spoon holder and salt and pepper shakers painted by the one and only Hannah Bear!! I just love them!! Aren't they cute? I do need some help on them though. Is the one with the most holes in it always salt??

This was my wonderful surprise on Friday. This is my Mother's Day gift that Hannah made for me at school. I just can't get over the wonderful gifts I received this year!!


JoniDH said...

Love the dress - love the girl! Happy Mother's Day - your gift from Hannah is GREAT!! (Yes, salt is the one with the most holes)

Libby said...

I love Hannah's dress! What a great Mother's Day gift too. Hannah did a great job!!

JoniDH said...

Oh, I see why you asked the salt question - yes, I think they are mis-labeled! Now you have the delimma do you go by how they are labeled or how it should be???

Grandmom said...


Grandmom said...

It may not be proper but at my house the three hole is for salt because I like it best =:)
What a beautiful little lady you are Hannah!! And what a sweet girl to give Mommy such nice gifts for Mother's Day.
I'll see you in a few hours! Love you three (4)!!!!

Julie said...

We put the salt in the least holes so it doesn't come out as fast and we put the pepper in the lots of holes so we don't have to shake as hard. Love, Julie C