Monday, May 19, 2008

My Life Change

Well, here is how my bookcase has ended up. I did the color thing for most of it. I decided to disregard height for this and I think it ended up looking pretty neat. Chris even had his doubts but really likes it. Chris and I have both agreed, also, to a new rule in the house that Hannah (or Justus when the time comes) will not be allowed to play with the books on the bookshelf. Hopefully that rule will keep it looking the way it does.

Now, there are a few book that I wanted to keep together like my Nicholas Sparks books and a couple of series of books I hope to read in the future so at the end of the colors I put those and stacked some of them.

At the very bottom of the last shelf we put pictures, so it looks a little different too. Overall, I am very pleased and (even though this was small) it was a first step to getting things looking organized.

I also found a place to put everything I want to get rid of. That is nice. Until I actually get rid of it all, it will be a little cluttered but knowing there is a goal for later this year I think I can handle it.

My next goal has to be pushed to the top of the priority list. That is Hannah's new "big girl" room. This needs to get done quickly so she can be totally use to it before Justus gets here. I don't want her to resent him. SO, I am including (the last one) a picture of the current room.

Yes, it is a little embarrassing so I have to add a little commentary to it. We have not made it up since the last time someone visited which was January. Now, think about that, someone was actually able to stay in this room last January so that means this room has not always looked like this. We have things that we need to put in the attic here, things that we have to decide where they are going to go for Justus, and some things that we just haven't moved back into the bonus room since they put in the new carpet. We really want to make this room special for Hannah which is going to mean some painting and some new furniture. If anyone can help us with that it would be really great since I can't be as much help in those areas as I want to be. We will see how it turns out...... Stay tuned.


JoniDH said...

I love the way the bookcases turned out. It looks very nice. Wish I was closer so I could help with Hannah's room. It will be so fun to change that room for Hannah. Can't wait to see the transformation!

Wendy Worley said...

Wow, the books look good! I still have not tried it, and my bookcase looks horrible. That is on my goal list for this summer! I can not wait to see what Hannah's "big girl" room looks like! Good Job Mindy on getting organized!

Julie said...

It looks great! Now you have a real library!

...and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the name Justus!!!

What a blessed baby! -Julie C