Saturday, August 2, 2008

We Have A Date


As most of you know, Hannah was born via C-Section. This means we are planning on having a C-Section with Justus also.

Justus' C-Section is scheduled for Thursday September 25, 2008 at 7.30 am! SO, if he doesn't decide to come on his own a little early this will be his birthday. FUN!!

I changed the ticker at the top of the blog to count down to this date instead of my actual due date of October 1st so that I would know how long until we get to meet him!! I can't believe it is less than two months! WOW!!


JoniDH said...

I can't wait to meet Mr. Justus, either. Praying for your continued healthy pregnacy and safe and healthy delivery! Love All of You!

Betty said...

WE'RE SO EXCITED!!! - Also praying for healthy pregnancy and delivery. Justus and Hannah are very lucky children to have Mindy and Chris as parents. Love you!