Friday, June 26, 2009

9 Months/3 Years

This week my son turned 9 months old and my daughter turned 3 years old.
SO, we had a combined well doc appt for them.
It went well. Here are the "stats"!!

Weight 33lbs 75%
Height 39.5 in 90%
Blood Pressure is good.
(They don't do head circumference any more with her)

Weight 21lbs 5oz 60%
Height 30in 95%
Head Circ 48.5cm >95% (off the charts BIG!)

They are both doing well and are healthy.


JoniDH said...

Thankful and blessed to have such happy, healthy grandchildren! They are such a delight!

Love You All!

Betty said...

Healthy and happy - what a blessing! Justus' head size is like his Daddy's always was - >95% - imagine Poppa Bob's!

Grandmom said...

The look just absolutely beautiful -- and sweet -- happy -- and perfect to me. Glad the doctor agrees with me!