Thursday, June 4, 2009


I make my own lotion. Did everyone know that?

I went to a friend's house (her name is Chris) one time and she was talking about making her own lotion. She brought it out for us to try and, at first, I thought, OK Nice, but then after about 3 minutes and I touched my hand again I knew I had to know how to do it.

I love it. My family loves it. It is great for every day use. It is great for sunburn. It is wonderful. It does have Vaseline in it so you might not want to put it on under make up and you may have to hold off putting pants on for a few minutes after you put it on your legs BUT it is so so worth it. AND it does not cost too much to make.

Here are the ingredients (nothing has to be name brand):
27 oz Baby Lotion
8 oz Vitamin E Cream (Don't use the oil - it will make a mess)
13 oz VaselineDirections: Mix it all together with a mixer. DONE!I will say that I recommend mixing the baby lotion and Vitamin E cream first and then adding the Vaseline. The Vaseline is the hardest to deal with.
My Grandmom has gotten compliments on the smell of the lotion from strangers while she was out shopping.

My mom has tried a different lotion (I can't remember what) and said it worked OK but I think she didn't like it quite as well.

My friend Elizabeth makes it too but she did a little something different that gave it a different smell and she loved it.

Let us know if you make your own and what you do to it to make it different. I would love to try something new.

(Thank you Chris for helping me while I took pictures!)


dgayle said...

Thanks for the recipe. I have always wanted to try this. And you always smell so good, too!

JoniDH said...

I'm so glad you posted this - I'm about out of lotion and needed to make some more.....I like the warm vanilla scent so I look for something in that scent instead of the baby lotion BUT there's something about summer that I like the baby lotion smell so I may do a batch with baby lotion. Have you ever halved or doubled the recipe?

Mindy said...

I have never halved it. The Vitamin E cream would be easy because it comes in 2 container but I am sure you may be able to find smaller containers of the other too.

When we made this batch we doubled it and it worked fine. It cost us about $13 to make double. (and we have name brands, and it will last a long long time, and we shared it!)

Carrie Mc said...

I'm going to have to try this one. By the way, are you still using the homemade laundry detergent?

Andrew said...

it was pretty funny when i looked at the pictures and was like "is that Chris?"
Mindy, I'm glad you've domesticated him...but this might be a little too far!!!
(haha, had to give my boy a hard time!)

Grandmom said...

I'm so glad you share. As you know, I love your special lotion.