Friday, June 12, 2009

Thursday Nights

For the past 10 weeks Thursday nights have been filled with Daddy playing softball.

You may think this is what the fun of softball is...

But in fact it is this.......Coloring with Friends...And smiling at the camera.
...When she has a moment between all these fun softball activities she DOES cheer for her Daddy too!


JoniDH said...

Go Daddy Go! I'm sure this is Hannah's "spirit". Summertime is the BEST - so glad Hannah has Reese (and other good friends) to share it with!

Betty said...

Hannah and Justus - Enjoy the fun at Daddy's games - my memories of Poppa playing for both the Church team and a work team are precious to me. It did seem many times that Melissa and Chris were dirtier than Poppa when we left the field!