Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cole's Birthday

I am a little behind but over 2 weeks ago we went to Jump Zone to celebrate Cole's birthday. It was so much fun. Here are some highlights...

Hannah very frustrated that I made her stop the fun to smile at me.
Hannah and Justus having lots of fun being pushed around in this rolling thing!
Hannah and Savannah going thru an obstacle course thing with Savannah's Uncle Bryan. They thought they were so cool!
Justus was just loving hanging out and crawling around. Except he could not figure out that the things on the floor were just part of the carpet and he could not pick them up. It was funny.
Hannah loved the inflatable turtle.
Cole's Uncle Bryan is talking. Gram Gram is deciding who to play with next. Mrs. Alaina is wondering where her next photo opt is. And in the midst of semi-chaos, Savannah is having a moment with Justus. How sweet.
Hannah and Savannah ready for cake and ice cream.
Thanks for letting us come celebrate with you, Cole!!
Next time, slow down for me for a minute so I can get your picture!!
Happy 4th Birthday Mr Cole!!


JoniDH said...

I've heard so many fun things about Cole's party - I think adults and children both had a great time.

P.S. Mommy are you sure that's a turtle? Looks like a snail to me....?

Mindy said...

No, I am not sure it is a turtle. It may be a snail. Whatever it was, Hannah loved riding it and then falling off of it and bouncing! It was fun.

Sara Jo said...

i LOVE the one of Savannah & Justus! how sweet!

Wendy said...

Cole's party looked like so much FUN!!
Love you all,