Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The First Celebration

We had Hannah's birthday party this past Saturday. Unfortunately there were a couple of her friends that couldn't come. Well, one of her friends that couldn't come over Saturday, came over to play on Friday and brought cupcakes and a gift to celebrate Hannah's birthday.

They, of course, LOVED the cupcakes.AND Hannah was very excited to see her new sand toys!
There was a very sweet Thank You Hug!
AND THEY WERE OFF... To the sandbox to try them out. I am not sure what takes up more room in the sandbox - the kids, the toys, or the sand. It didn't matter to them though, they had a blast!


JoniDH said...

Looks like yummy cupcakes! How wonderful to have such sweet friends to share your sandbox with!

Betty said...

Two cuties sharing fun, cupcakes, and hugs! So sweet.