Sunday, June 21, 2009

Our Sunday Pictures

Yippee!! I have batteries in my camera...
Family in town.

That means lots and lots of Sunday pictures.
Sorry (Sortof) that there are so many but I had a hard time narrowing it down!

My Parents were here!Nannah, Papa Joe, and the grandchildren that they spoiled!
I don't know that I got one of Justus smiling this morning. He was happy, but not smiley. I have those days myself!
Hannah Bear Cheesed it up!
For some reason this picture of the two of them cracks me up!
Some attempts at a family picture...
Didn't really work out but at least we can say we tried!
There is something about this picture that I love. Mom is looking at us which is sweet. And please click on the picture and make it big to NOTE we are all smiling!
Goofy! I have no clue what we are looking at.


Betty said...

Love all of the Sunday pictures! Similing or not, pictures of a happy family. Love to all!

JoniDH said...

Spoil the grandchildren? - not me!
We had a GRAND time! Sharing Sunday picture time and worshipping together is always a highlight! Love you and Miss you all already!

Wendy said...

Great pictures and yes my sister is looking quite sexy!!!

love you
Aunt Wendy