Tuesday, February 19, 2008


My mom and I have talked about it lots before but we finally got serious and started a business. It is called Sparkle Factor Designs. We will have lots of different kinds of products that we will introduce throughout this year. The one common thing about all the products is that we hope they will put a sparkle in your day. Just that little something extra.

Click on our logo to check out the website. We have introduced our first products of hairbows and hairbow holders. Every couple of weeks or so we will introduce some new things. (There is a list on the sidebar of the website to let you know about some of the things coming up!) I will also be sure to let you all know, thru my blog, when we have new stuff!

Check it out. Tell Everyone. Link it to your blog/website. Tell all your friends. Tell your family. Let us know what you think!!

I am so EXCITED!!!


Grandmom said...

How exciting!! What a wonderful idea. You two are so clever and talented. Proud to call you mine!

bettyd said...

Both of you are so talented. I can't wait to see the new products. Congrats on getting this up and running!

Melissa said...

I have added your website to my blog to help advertise it! Good Luck, I hope it works out well for you talented ladies!

Wendy Worley said...

Good Luck! They look great! Too bad Becca is past that stage. I will pass the word around here.

Libby said...

I'm excited for you guys! I'll put a link on my blog.